Say Tchao to the Mice

g-speak overview 1828121108 from john underkoffler on Vimeo.

The idea of computers continually reshaping the way we live is not new news.  We have been experiencing this metamorphose in all industry and our daily lives for decades.  With machines and software we have brought about unimaginable conveniences, power and beauty to our daily routines.

One fascinating digital evolutionary step you should be thrilled by is the displacement of the keyboard, and its little rodent partner.  Just a decade ago, most people did not believe it would be possible, but easier to surf their digital content via voice and gesture.  The digital revolution will continue to accelerate in all directions.  As for human computer interaction (HCI), I see the the way humans control computers being something similar to Oblong’s “g-speak platform.”

“The g‑speak SOE (spatial operating environment) is Oblong’s radically new platform. The SOE made its public debut in the film Minority Report, whose bellwether interface one of Oblong’s founders designed. But its full history extends backward to three decades of research at the MIT Media Lab. The g‑speak SOE implements the biggest advance in human-machine interface in twenty-five years. It also introduces:

1. a new model for multi-process cooperation

2. a real-world geometry engine for gestural input and multi-display output

3. an athletic new network layer for data translation, encapsulation, and transport

        … and a host of other crucial innovations.

It’s the platform for what’s next.”

                               -Oblong Industries


Just as Steve Jobs brought a GUI to the personal computer – these new HCI options will uncover another sunny view of the digital horizon.  A new perspective that will lead to new insights and higher capacities to learn.  Which will in-turn reinforce the actuality of humanity’s boundless potential.  When brilliant minds mix with savvy software ideas – we shape our future, rather then letting it shape us.

Yesterday you were drawing with your mouse and typing in the terminal.  Today you are shaping digital art with your hands and browsing databases with your body.  So what are you capable of tomorrow?