Sagmeister Talk

Great presentation from Stefan Sagmeister last night at the SC AIGA chapter meeting in Columbia. Sharing a list of 16 personal insights gleaned from his years in the design profession (published in his new book Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far), he showed how he was able to work each maxim into a specific design or art project. Sometimes on his own, sometimes with the help of paying clients.

One favorite was his story of setting up “Self-Confidence Produces Fine Results” as a gallery wall display of over 8,000 bananas. As the bananas ripened over the days, the display changed color…the words slowly fading and then almost returning in full when the background bananas turned dark brown and the rest turned yellow. The scent of banana was strong. Very cool “living experience”…something that he explores in other formats through identity design, photography, interactive displays, film, etc.

He’s set up an interactive companion to the “Things I Have Learned” project where anyone can submit their insights and perspectives.