Robots Weekly ?: #LetsTalkAI ☁️

Yesterday Google Cloud hosted a digital conference on AI called Let’s Talk AI. It primarily functioned as a vehicle for them to showcase their product offerings, but did contain some good tidbits. Good enough that I tweeted them out. Now I’m collecting those tweets as a blog post. Cross-channel content synergy! ?

So You Want To Do AI? ?

I don’t even know what that means, but let’s assume it means you want to inject automation into your business via AI systems and processes. According to Google there are 3 stages of integration:

Got It. Now What? ?

Now it’s time to drill down a bit more, let’s get strategical.

Oil You Say? ?

Yeah, data is kind of a big deal when it comes to AI. Like mahogany-and-leather-bound-books-level big deal. So how do we get our oil ready?

One of the sessions was a discussion with an ML practitioner at Zulily and it focused on three tenants of data preparation and monitoring:

In Conclusion ?

I think all of this can be distilled into one simple message:

New Toys! ?

I’ve played around with Google Cloud a little bit so a lot of the stuff they discussed wasn’t new to me, but there were a couple things that got me excited and I am looking forward to playing around with. Those two things are Dialogflow and AI Hub.

Dialogflow is a natural language processing and understanding platform that you can use to build chatbots. The platform handles a lot of the code-level work and abstracts out the user experience to flow charts and high level conversational planning (I think). Plus the bot can then be incorporated into Google Assistant and third-party platforms like Facebook Messenger. I’m really excited to test this one out. ?

AI Hub is brand spanking new and appears to be a one-stop shop for starting and incorporating AI models into your business. It, like Dialogflow, looks to operate at a high level that makes it more accessible too. If I picked up what they were putting down in the session that mentioned AI Hub correctly, it could almost function as an app store for AI. I’m interested to see how this develops.

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Image via Google Cloud, pretty sure it’s a TPU