Rebranding Hunter Banks Fly Fishing

Hunter Banks is a fly fishing retail store & outfitter serving Western North Carolina. They provide everything you need to get out the water and have a great day. Inexperienced? No worries, enroll in one of their guided fly fishing trips. Seasoned pro? Get expert advice on where the best fishing spots are or go ahead and treat yourself and upgrade to that next level rod. Whatever it may be, as long as a river, rod and line are involved, they’ll help ya out.

All that to say that our Outpost team was stoked when they reached out for help working through a rebranding exercise. This included a new guiding brand story, logo and overall identity.

When starting this type of process, we need to understand the company and it’s product/service and customers. We do this through an exhaustive discovery process which includes interviews, tours, surveys, competitor benchmarking, materials audit, moodboard exploration, etc. etc. etc. The end goal of the discovery process is to come away with a strategic direction in terms of where the brand needs to go, which this acts as a jumping off point for our copywriters & designers to go do their thang.

Below are some examples of the brand story, style tile and logo as we worked through the project.