Raise a Glass to Mira Winery

Cheers to the team at Mira Winery for the launch of their new business and brand last Friday. Located in beautiful St. Helena in the heart of Napa Valley, Mira Winery started as a bet among two gentlemen who shared a passion for fine wine. James Dyke bet Gustavo Gonzalez, a 100 point wine maker for Robert Mondavi, that he couldn’t make a California Syrah that could compete with French Rhone’s. He could and he did. That kicked off a conversation among Gustavo, Tom Kaucic and Bear Dyke and a new winery was born.

We’ve had a blast working with this great team to develop the overall brand strategy, naming, logo and identity, labels, collateral, a website, email campaigns and more. The quality of the wine is exceptional, and we all wanted the materials to convey that fact through their simplicity and elegance. Below are some shots of the Mira Winery materials, and order a bottle or case for your next gathering.

Props to David, Josh, Katie, Jenny, Rich and Casey for the great work.