ProAm iPod Ad

An 18-year-old Apple loyalist from England made an impact on the YouTube world and Apple execs when he crafted a home made TV spot for the new iPod Touch using promotional video pulled from the company’s website (and Final Cut Pro). It earned 4 star reviews from the YouTube community…and he earned an email from Apple marketing execs expressing their approval of the work and a desire to collaborate.After a field trip to Chiat Day’s office in LA and a healthy check from Apple to compensate him for ideas and input, a new “professional” spot was produced by the agency and student and aired on TV last weekend.

It’s an interesting wrinkle on the consumer generated advertising/content movement….a true collaboration between the “pros” and the “ams.” The tools are out there for anyone to jump in and participate (via video, web, photo, writing, etc.) and smart brands are embracing those that show a bit of talent and passion.