Photo Credit - TheDigitel.com
Photo Credit - TheDigitel.com

Pecha Kucha Night Charleston v4 was a good time this past Wednesday night. The largest crowd yet (400+?) enjoyed a crazy diverse mix of presenters sharing their creative ideas and skills.

Bill Eubanks – Great urban design presentation on the importance of the public realm and need for better design solutions for our streets.

Sideshow Press – 3 women and their 2,000 pound letterpress machine, cranking out beautifully designed, timeless, paper products.

Michael Gray – Impressionist painter with an awesome story of creative inspiration/discovery.

Nate Lopes, aka DJ Natty Heavy – Got everyone out of their seats, sampled the crowd and them mixed them into the beat.

Mark Sloan – A new chapter in the life of the Halsey Gallery.

Jonathan Miller – Tales from book design and publishing, as well the adventure of speaking to kids.

Eunjoo Yun – Wonderful story of her musical education, and why she’s driven to pass it along to Charleston’s kids.

Jim Martin – How you can become a Park Angel.

Ken Hawkins – The future of newspapers, news and media in general in the internet age.

Brady Waggoner – Brady was the emcee for the night and performed at his high energy, high awesome self. He could pull off a whole PKN line up himself.

TheDigitel.com has some coverage.

And great photos from Chrys Rynearson (thanks)….