Overheard at Fab Workshop

For today’s #ThrowbackThursday we thought it might be fun to review some of our favorite moments from the FAB Workshop held earlier this month in the form of scribbled down quotes and cell phone photos (scroll to the bottom of post for photo gallery). It was a jam-packed 72 hours and the session topics spanned everything from the nitty gritty of operations in hospitality to prioritizing self-care and even coping with failure in your career. While no blog post can sum up the learnings of FAB, we thought we’d share some of our favorite photos and learnings from the workshop.

On leadership in America:

“We need more women in power and more woke women in power.”

-Elizabeth Meltz

On pitching media:

“If you’re pitching a story and the place and the business can be subbed out, the pitch won’t land. You need to tell a story that is unique to your brand.”

Dana Cowin

On speaking up when you are scared:

“I’d rather say something wrong and apologize than say nothing at all.”

-Julia Turshen

On managing social media:

“If comments on social go ignored, it’s equivalent to ignoring someone at the door.”

-Meredith Vachon

On her summing up her mission for Willa Jean:

“Secure the future.”

-Kelly Fields

On the value of culture:

“Investors invest in positive culture now. That wasn’t the case before.”

-Leslie Ferrier

On closing a business:

“Sometimes you have to look at a business like an art canvas and step away and say I’m done.”

-Elise Kornack

On failure:

“Failure feels so final but really it’s just a set on this incredible journey.”

-Dana Cowin

On merchandise:

“I always dreamed of owning a t-shirt company – so I opened a restaurant. It’s a great excuse to make funny shirts.”

-Kelly Fields

On politics in food:

“We have to understand that everything about food is political.”

-Julia Turshen

On technology:

“You absolutely need to have technology costs accounted for in your business plan.”

-Sam Appel

On doing political and social work:

“When you are doing this work, you are planting a tree and while you will never sit in its shade, your children will.”

-Asha Gomez

On knowing where to start in political and social work:

“Where there is a problem, that’s where the solution is. Start there.”

-Julia Turshen

On the work-life balance:

“I do not believe in the work-life balance. It is a misnomer.”

-Leslie Ferrier

On struggle:

“I believe you learn the most from the worst.”

-Nancy Cushman

On hiring:

“We try to hire joyous people.”

-Martha Hoover

On why:

“Poi Dog’s why is explaining what Hawaii means to the rest of the world.”

-Kiki Aranita

On negotiating:

“Everything is negotiable. If you don’t ask, you won’t get.”

-Camilla Marcus

On self-care:

“It’s essential to surround yourself with people and empower them to speak up when you seem unwell and will be there to yell down the well to you when you need it.”

-Kat Kinsman