Overheard: Fab Workshop Edition

It’s been 48 hours since the Fab Workshop and the ladies of Blue Ion are still riding the high of excitement of the conference. If you follow along with our regularly scheduled Blue Ion Overheads, you know I keep it a habit to write down interesting things I overhear. So, here’s the latest overheard: Fab edition. This time around, I will be giving credit where credit is due – a little twist from our generally anonymous column.

On Putting Forward a Good Face:

“I once read about a swan analogy. It goes like this. Above the water, where everyone can see you, you’re graceful and gliding. Below the water you are furiously paddling – but no one knows.”
-Kat Kinsman

On Social Media:

“I like Instagram because I get to wake up to a bunch of hearts.”
-Barbara Lynch

On Being Asked Difficult Questions In An Interview Setting:

“If you don’t like the question you were asked, answer a completely different question.”
-Dana Cowin

On Dealing With Negative Thinking:

“Bad thoughts don’t pay rent. Don’t let them in your headspace for free.”
-Elizabeth Meltz

On Dealing With Anger In The Workplace:

“If you’re angry count to ten. If you’re really angry count until tomorrow.”
-Susan Spikes

On Following Your Convictions:

“Stick to your passion. Have a plan. Write it down on paper. If it doesn’t work, tweak it. But stick to your passion. And don’t let anyone tell you ‘no’. If they do, that means ‘yes’ because they aren’t doing it.”
-Barbara Lynch

On Luck:

“Luck is where preparation meets opportunity.”
-Nancy Cushman

On Leadership:

“As a chef, I need to know every ingredient that goes into my business.”
-Maneet Chauhan

“Don’t make yourself indispensable. If you were to get hit by a bus and no one can do your job, you’re not being an effective manager  ”
-Nancy Selzer”

On Planning Your Day:

“Do what you don’t like to do first. Do what scares you next. Do what you aren’t good at every single day. Finally, do something that you are good at that makes you feel good.”
-Susan Spikes

On Imagining What Her Male Counterparts Think:

“Do they think I’m fucking needlepointing somewhere when I’m not in the kitchen? Probably.”
-Barbara Lynch

On Growth:

“Personal growth is just as important as business growth”
-Angie Mosier

On Challenges:

“Use restraints or a lack of resources as an advantage and ways to ‘sharpen your pencil’ and get creative.”
-Sarah Robbins

On Female Festivals:

“There aren’t men festivals. That’s just every day.”
-Amanda Kludt