Outpost: A Night In The Wild

As a company and individuals, we’re always striving to strike a balance between the work we do and refilling the well. Sometimes we fail. Sometimes we look up from our computers and realize that three hours have passed, and we haven’t even moved. The great news is that we love the work we do enough that time flies by. The harder news is that we know that being outside is vital to our health: physical, mental, and spiritual. It centers us, inspires us, and helps us find our place in the world.

Outpost is a couple of things. It’s a literal place, a new Blue Ion presence in Greenville, SC, led by our very own Casey Gold, who works alongside the fantastic Kyle Mensing. And, Outpost is also our platform for reminding ourselves and others to not only get outside more, it’s an invitation to go “way out there” and yes, we mean for you to think of that in many different ways. To us, it doesn’t matter if we’re biking, hiking, surfing, swimming, fishing, boating, gardening, paddling, exploring or watching the sun disappear into the horizon, we all live for the feeling that comes when we step into the vast beauty of the world that surrounds us.

So, since we think every great change and notion starts from within, we ventured out ourselves a few weeks back…on a one-night team retreat at REEB Ranch in Hendersonville, NC.

We called it “A Night In The Wild.”

A few of the highlights: fantastic weather, a stream and waterfall for exploring, miles of bike trails, chili and all the fixin’s for dinner, more beer than any marketing agency should probably admit to consuming, a delicious breakfast of eggs, bagels, coffee, and pastries, a bonfire with s’mores galore, great music, stories, and the kind of laughter and stories that only happen when you get people out of the f-ing office.

And while one night in the wild might not be enough to balance us all out, it was an incredibly fun start. Thanks to Lauren, Bennett and Tyler for the designs below. And extra special thanks to Tyler for the photo and killer video.

And stay tuned. More wild nights to come.