On The Road Again…


On the road again.

On the road again
Like a band of gypsies we go down the highway
We’re the best of friends
Insisting that the world be turnin’ our way
And our way is on the road again.

Yes we’re back on the road again, but our destination isn’t 301 King Street….just yet. Nope, we have one, last stop to make on our tour before heading home.

With the Cigar Factory deconstructing around us, it was time to move out. The good people at the Simpson Organization (developers of the Cigar Factory) need to demolish Blue Ion Office 4.0 to make way for a new restaurant and sales center. We thank them deeply for their hospitality and friendship, and are excited for them as the project moves forward.

While on this long and winding road, we’ve been fortunate to land in some interesting spots. Most have featured old world craftsmanship, solid materials, high ceilings and open floor plans, and storied pasts. A 100+ year old old bank building at 255 King, an 120+ year old department store building turned loft apartment at 73.5 Wentworth, a 125+ year old cotton warehouse/Cigar Factory.

Our next, temporary, set up is something different. On Friday, April 17 we moved BI HQ to 1085 Morrison Drive, just 1 mile up the street from the Cigar Factory. A humble little space, with a humble little history. Probably built in the 1980’s. It has housed a DEA office (that’s actually a pretty interesting story as well, as there’s a sunken safe somewhere under the building)….and more recently used as an office for the Rogers & Brown warehouses.

This last temporary office will allow us to simplify and focus our attention on clients as we renovate our permanent home. We embrace this second-to-last home as a dose of monastic isolation….a chance to simplify and concentrate. Allowing us to mind the business while we build-out our new space in the promised land above the Apple Store.

Santi’s, the new Taco Boy (coming soon), the MLK Pool (good for lunchtime swims) and more are just a stones throw away. The parking is also plentiful and free.

Our sincere thanks go to out to our friends at Rogers & Brown who fixed up the building and are letting us occupy the space for such a short period of time.

Please stop by for a visit, as we’d love to see you and show you around. Maybe we’ll get a taco at Santi’s. Our entrance area will be a “construction” office of sorts for the new space down on King, so you can check out the latest plans and materials we’re considering. And scattered around the place will be the usual mix of work stations, dogs, a ping-pong table, and assorted toys.