Nic’s Collection of Inspiring Album Covers

Hello Internet,

I thought for my first blog post I would share some album covers that have inspired me throughout the years. Album art is just so special to me and it really just sparks my creativity. When I was growing up I would go to this record store a couple of miles from my house and spend hours there just staring at album art and listening to the music that it represented. I would go home with my Black Flag LP, plop it on the record player and just draw. I would copy the art on the albums until I got it just right. I think that helped me hone my drawing skills and my eye for detail. So, without further ado, I give you my list of awesome album art….


The Cramps – Bad Music For Bad People:

One of my sisters friends had this album laying around, and I’m pretty sure thats when I got hooked into drawing zombies and skate graphics. Just jumps out at you. Love Yellow and black together.


Black Flag – My War

Black Flag cover art was my favorite growing up. It really mimicked that skate art style. Awesome illustrations and composition.


Witchcraft – Witchcraft

Really love the old school hand drawn wood cut feel


Graveyard – Hisingen Blues

This one is more recent, but definitely one of my favorites. Really captures the spirit of each band member in a unique way.


Guns N Roses –  Appetite for Destruction

Yea yea. Guns N roses… I grew up with this album and loved the skull cross.


Beatles – Revolver

Love the hand drawn illustrations mixed with photo collage. So awesome.


East Of The Wall – EP

Saw these guys in park circle many moons ago. Was so blown away by their talent and their album art.


Dinosaur Jr – Green Mind

What an amazing picture by Joseph Szabo. Sums up the album perfectly.


Dinosaur Jr – You’re Living All Over Me

Great charcoal rendering. I love the texture and theres that yellow and black again…


Black Flag – Slip It IN

Super controversial, great type, amazing logo and color that just makes it pop off the shelves. What else do you need in an album cover.



Great concept and execution. I love how they injected all of the type into the actual photograph. Perfectly reflects the humorous side of a great band.


Portugal. The Man – Evil Friends

Pretty sure John Gourley designed this. I think. Its great though, love the juxtaposition of hand made art and photographs



Man. That type treatment with that illustration.. just. wow.


Descendants – Milo Goes To College

Who doesn’t love Milo. I mean, come on.


Stray Cats

Love, love the cat logo. Love it so much I have tattooed on me… I was a serious Stray Cats fan. Still am.


Van Halen

Classic! “Ok, so for the album cover lets have a Cherub smoking Marlboros!” “Done!”


No idea…

Ok, I have no idea what band this is for. I just threw this in here to see if you were still paying attention… *yuck*


Next time, Nic’s Collection of Not-So Inspiring Album Covers