Newbury Market

We recently launched a new website for Newbury, a groundbreaking, mixed-use development in the South Hills area of Pittsburgh, PA. Plans call for residential neighborhoods and a town center with retail, entertainment, and dining. Work has already commenced at the project site as hundreds of tons of earth are being moved daily to literally get the project up off the ground.

We built a site that allows future home owners and tenants an opportunity to explore the ambitious plans to create a new community, as well as follow along and share in the experience via blog, twitter, and email updates. We also commissioned 5 original illustrations to help set the tone (shout out to Jay Fletcher for his great work), and brought them to life on the homepage via a very cool use of the parallax effect. Thanks also to the ever awesome Jenny Badman for her wordsmithery.

Check it all out at www.newburymarket.com