Newbury Evolution

Recently completed some work for our friends at EQA Landmark Communities. Newbury is a TND community in the south hills of Pennsylvania just outside Pittsburgh. Sales there have been going so well that the website was ready to make the transition from a dream with illustrations and renderings to actual paved roads and homes under construction. In fact, Phase 1 is almost entirely sold out.

Our main goal for this new chapter of the website was to make the process of finding a home easier and more intuitive. We put a series of statements on the homepage to help visitors understand the differentiating features that makes Newbury unique among communities in the area. We also upgraded to a more modern color palette and created clear funnels to pages we want the users to go.

Within the Find Your Home section, we removed all renderings and replaced them with images of actual homes either built or under construction. Instead of having to click between 4 or 5 pages to assemble neighborhood information, we included it all on a single scrollable screen with features, floorplans, maps, and photos for each home type and calls to action to pick up the phone and start the process.

We’ve got it loaded up with tracking and will be watching in the next few weeks to see how it’s received by the public. Go ahead and check it out for yourself: www.newburymarket.com