Charleston’s Museum Mile: New Brand and Website

Have you heard of Charleston’s Museum Mile? Along a one-mile section, loosely scattered around Meeting Street, you will find 6 museums, 5 nationally renowned historic houses, 4 scenic parks, a Revolutionary War powder magazine, and an array of historic houses of worship and public buildings such as the Market and City Hall. It’s an impressive collection of Charleston cultural history.

Our friends at the Charleston Museum, acting as representatives for the greater Museum Mile collective, came to Blue Ion with a goal to create a more modern brand and museum website that would help increase Museum Mile site visitation, allow visitors to learn about what is housed at each location, and also provide way-finding assistance when a visitor is attempting to locate each site along the Mile.

We felt it was pertinent to ditch their old cast iron logo in favor of a more sleek, colorful mark to drive interest in the Mile. The logo was also transformed into a marker on the website to indicate each point of interest’s precise location.

museummile_marksThe mark was then used as a base for patterns that could be used on the website, or on outdoor banners.




Because many visitors to the Museum Mile can visit multiple sites, on the go, we felt solving the mobile site was possibly the most important part of the solution. We arrived at a hybrid informational, Google Map-enabled website that allows users to jockey between the map and the site information simultaneously.museummile_mbile

The site runs off responsive HTML code that allows for an experience that scales to desktop size and requires minimal code upkeep as sites and ticketing information change occasionally.

museummile-deskWe are thrilled to see the mark appearing already in print and outdoor applications around town, and we look forward to Museum Mile visitors using this new tool as they experience the cultural history of Charleston.