New Snake Blog Format

A while back, we set up a blog for our friends at the Snake River Sporting Club to help them share what goes on daily with future and prospective residents. Since that time, they’ve become highly prolific, averaging a post or two a day. They’ve gotten so into it that the sheer number of posts were pushing relatively recent news down or totally off the page.

The solution ended up being a hybrid emagazine/blog, where the most important messages could be manually set (via the tagging system) up top and then feature excerpts of the other posts down below. What results is a much cleaner and aesthetically appealing page. The only downside to this new format is you effectively double your workload in posting an entry – as you not only do the blog post as normal, but also create a smaller thumbnail graphic and write a few lines of copy for the excerpt post on the main page. Seems like a good trade-off though for those with a lot to say.