New Employee Spotlight: Welcome Ali Berry!

Recently we added a new team member to our ranks: Ali Berry! Ali comes to us by way of the Windy City and has awesome production experience. When she isn’t kicking it with us at the office, you can find Ali practicing with the CSO chorus, cheering for the Notre Dame football team, hanging out with her husband Jordan (they just got married!!) and getting to know Charleston by way of their golf cart. We’re all super excited to have Ali join us in the Charleston office and I’m personally jazzed to have another member of the team that truly appreciates the fast food destination that is Taco Bell. (It’s great and has a visionary menu that knows no bounds – don’t @ me.)


As is customary with all new recruits, we had Ali respond to some hard-hitting questions so that our blog readers could get to know her better. Of course, you’re also encouraged to swing by and say hello in person – we promise she doesn’t bite!


1. The movie starring you is starting, what’s your walk up song?
Something epic from Kanye West’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” or if it’s a spy/action movie “Slam” by Pendulum (including the Prelude part) not to be specific or anything.


2. You have to eat one food for the rest of your life, what is it?
Taco Bell. They have like 5 ingredients combined in 20 different delicious ways.


3. What’s your favorite trash tv show to watch?
RuPaul’s Drag Race is THE best.


4. If you could be adopted by celebrity parents who would you choose?
Either Emily Blunt and John Krasinski or Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard.


5. What is your most prized possession that has little monetary value?
Bear – my childhood stuffed animal that, yes, I still sleep with.


6. You have to try out for a competition reality tv show, which one do you choose?
Bad Girls Club – even though I’d probably only last a day.


7. It’s 5:00 somewhere, what’s your drink order?
Seriously depends on the place and time. When it’s warm out, love a good Mai Tai but could also go for a One Claw/Corona or a nice dry rosé. On an average night, you can find me sipping on red wine or a Titos-soda-lemon. If you’re getting a round of tequila shots, count me in (only if it’s chilled and served with a wedge of lime of course).


8. What’s the oldest photo in your phone of?
My family’s golden lab Daisy who is the best girl in the world!!!


9. Congrats, you’re the proud author of your own autobiography, what’s the title?
Probably something that rhymes like “Very Ali Berry.”


10. Nicknames, we’ve all had our share of good and bad. What are some of yours?
Hali – my alter ego
Bali – my sister and high school friends call me this for some reason
Alicat – my middle name is Catherine
ALL CAPS ALI – only during college football season (Go Irish.)


11. You can only use one font for the rest of eternity? Which do you choose? (hint you may lose all respect from the design team if you pick comic sans)
For the rest of time? That’s tough. I’m really into “Rufina” right now though.


12. MS Paint or Minesweeper?
Had to Google both of these. MS Paint looks pretty cool though so I’ll go with that one.


13. Candy Crush or Farmville
Farmville for sure – my farm was legit.

14. What’s your biggest irrational fear?
Needles. At doctors appointments, I need one nurse to hold my hand on one side and distract me while the other draws blood or gives me a shot. They also still give me a juicebox or lollipop right after so I don’t faint.


15. What is the dumbest hill you are willing to die on?
Justice for plastic straws.