Fighting Chance Prints

So the day is finally here, I’ve gotten my prints in! As you may have seen already I posted a few months ago a cool illustration I created in my spare time based off the movie The Revenant, which if you haven’t seen this movie yet your really missing out! But as I mentioned in my last post I hinted around on having this screen printed, and now the prints are in. The final print is 18″ x 24″ 6-color screen print with one layer being a metallic ink that gave it a nice little touch. I’m super stoked on the outcome the peeps over at The Half and Half were able to deliver and would recommend hitting those guys up for any textile & printing needs. I just wrapped up on the finishing touches of signing and numbering all 100 prints. Make sure to swing by the office for a chance to snag one for yourself!

Nature-Vs.-Man-1 Nature-Vs.-Man-2 Nature-Vs.-Man-3 Nature-Vs.-Man-4