National Trails Day – Looking Glass Trail

Last Saturday I celebrated National Trails Day in Pisgah National Forest with an awesome group of trail maintenance volunteers. The day’s work on the heavily-used Looking Glass Trail was organized by REI Asheville and the Carolina Climbers Coalition – many thanks to both for the set up, swag, snacks and guidance. It’s amazing what 30-odd volunteers can accomplish in just four hours of focused effort. We elminated a number of short cut trails to stop erosion, re-sloped and shaped some switchbacks, built water bars and berms to better channel water, and installed slit rail fencing in spots. The trail looked amazing by mid afternoon, and I’m looking forward to getting back on it in a few weeks to see how it’s all working.

The best part of the day was moving a pretty massive boulder and positioning it in just the right spot on a switchback. Ten bros trying to figure out how best to muscle a rock into place without crushing themselves. Flopping, rolling, spinning, leveraging, digging, grunting, arguing…it was a true Cro-Magnon flashback. And ultimately, a success.

Thanks to Briana at REI Asheville for these pics, and be sure to check their events listing for other outings and group activities. Nothing like a quick outdoor escape that does everybody some good.