My Parents Were Awesome…

This has made the rounds around the Interwebs and even the mainstream media (see video clips after the jump). But it’s just coming to my attention, so back off.

MyParentsWereAwesome is an ode to, well, when they were awesome. Featuring pics of parents far and wide, it’s a trip down nostalgia lane.

I can think of no more awesomer parents than my own, so here are a couple pics I’ll be submitting.

Back story: my parents were in a Christian circus called “Circus Allelieua.” They traveled around the country with a troupe performing high-wire, trapeze, and other death-defying stunts for crowds all while spreading the Good News. This ended well before I could be embarassed by it all (no, my mom wasn’t the bearded lady), so now it’s just downright cool. Especially seeing dad in tights with 6 pairs of legs wrapped around him.

Enjoy two of my favorites. Hopefully they’re worthy of an appearance on the official site.