My Adobe Christmas

During Christmas break I made my routine trip to Virginia so that I could spend time with my family. Coincidentally, my Flash hero Lee Brimelow (Adobe Flash Platform Evangelist) was travelling from California to Virginia to spend time with his family too. Lee decided to have a Dead Drop Contest in order to make his travels more interesting. The basic premise: catch Lee on the road, make him pull over and win some big prizes. The prizes included Adobe CS5 Master Suite (valued at $2500), an iPod touch and the coveted Dead Drop coin (and possibly a pre-release of Flash CS5 which means that I can begin building iPhone applications).

Lee left Cali on Monday the 21st and I left SC on Thursday the 24th. I assumed that it would take him three days to reach VA … the day that I would also be arriving in VA. During my pit stops along I-95 I visited Lee’s position tracking site and followed his progress. Upon arriving at my parent’s house, I noticed that he was located about an hour and a half away and that his position was fixed – he must be at his parent’s house. My next thought was that it would be wise to find his parent’s phone number so that I could call him before making the trip to his location. It was Christmas Eve after all. With nervous anxiety I made the call and Lee welcomed me to come over to his house. So I got back on the road and met Lee in person to claim my prizes. My wife claims that I geeked out a little. But I suppose that is to be expected when in the presence of Flash royalty. Thanks Adobe and thanks Lee Brimelow.