Mount Pleasant Marketing

Last night was a great end to the first phase of an ongoing marketing effort for the Town of Mount Pleasant. For months we have been working in collaboration with Gil Shuler Graphic Design, Foster Associates, The McNair Group and the Town staff on a strategic marketing initiative for the community. In short, it was a heavy research and strategic planning effort with a dose of creative output to support the recommended position. The Mayor, Town Council and Staff believed (rightfully so) that they need to proactively market the town to drive opportunity for all residents and enhance the overall quality of life. They officially approved the recommendations at a special meeting last night.

While the effort was more about research and program planning….the creative materials do tend to steal the spotlight and conversation. Below is the new marketing identity for the town (the existing town seal will still be used for official town business) and a short “brand video” that captures the story of the town. The simple truth to Mount Pleasant is that it offers a comfortable, small town way of life that’s conveniently centered in the heart of the Charleston region. The video probably won’t be part of any specific marketing effort, as its purpose was to capture the story that emerged from the research. And in the end, that story is the most important component of all. Logos, taglines, websites, ads, etc. can all change over time…and usually do. But the core, or story of the brand, should endure.

Thanks to the entire Mount Pleasant Council and Staff, the various organizations, partners and residents who provided input, and the rest of the marketing team. Now it’s time to bring it all to life.