The Moms of Blue Ion

Guys, Mother’s Day is Sunday, so if you haven’t yet bought groceries, made a reservation, ordered flowers, mailed a card, booked a massage, or otherwise set aside some quality time and energy for your Mom, what, I say, what are you waiting for? To honor and celebrate the amazing women who raised, supported, nagged (in the best, most loving ways), mentored, and inspired us, we thought we’d make them stars for the day right here. Though not all of our Moms are still here with us, they live on within us. And we know this because we increasingly hear their words coming out of our mouths and see their faces when we look in the mirror. So, here’s to the Moms of Blue Ion and Moms everywhere. Thanks, Mom(s), we simply wouldn’t be here (no, really) without you. Happy Mother’s Day!

Woody's Mom
Woody’s Mom
Nic's Mom
Nic’s Mom
Greg's Mom
Greg’s Mom
Zach's Mom
Zach’s Mom
Jenny's Mom
Jenny’s Mom
Josh's Mom
Josh’s Mom
Robert's Mom
Robert’s Mom
Lauren's Mom
Lauren’s Mom
Rich's Mom (carrying Rich)
Rich’s Mom (carrying Rich)
Simpson's mom. Pushing Simpson.
Simpson’s mom. Pushing Simpson.