Marketing Automation – The Robots of Email

Blue Ion is a full service agency, but what does that even mean? The majority of what we post highlights websites we developed and launched, logos we designed, programs we helped develop, and fun events we host, but you don’t often hear about the digital marketing work that we do. For starters, it is not as sexy looking as a slick logo, and it’s often too complex to explain in a concise social media post. So, here’s my chance to share a bit more about us – and our digital marketing team, a whole team devoted to getting your brand’s message out to the people you most want to reach.

Now, everyone is pushing paid content out through Facebook and Instagram, and paid search is only getting more powerful, but what about Marketing Automation? How do you engage with users who have entered the sales funnel but haven’t converted to a download or a sale? How do you tailor specific content based on a user’s activity on your site? How do you make sure that a user not only re-engages with your brand, not only completes the action you want them to take, but becomes a loyal customer for life? The answer is marketing automation.

For several years, we’ve been working with a marketing automation platform called Sharpspring, and recently a group of us achieved Silver Certification. Sharpspring is a robust platform with everything from landing page development tools, social media content planning, and dynamic e-mail capabilities, to automation tools that build lists, push out content, and help us see how users interact with your site. What pages have they visited?, At what point did they complete a form? In addition to all of that information, Sharpspring’s e-mail sync capabilities allow us to keep all company communication within a users profile. Armed with all of this data we have the ability to convert cold/warm leads into loyal, engaged customers.

Want to know more? Hit us up. We’d love to show you how marketing automation can transform your brand.