Locked & Coded: A Blue Iron Yard Experience

We recently joined forces with The Iron Yard, a code school for budding programmers, startup accelerator and co-working space provider, to create a new breed of scholarship – the kind that’s actually a paying gig.

That’s right – the winner of the scholarship gets a three-month, paid developer gig (with the opportunity for full time employment) here at Blue Ion.

We call it Locked & Coded. And yes, that’s the logo above. (Nice work, Tyler!)

The scholarship was and is open to all Iron Yard graduates. Applicants are asked to put their shiny new programming skills to work on a mini development project – a Blue Ion-dreamed up website for skateboard legend Stacy Peralta. And yes, the use of online tutorials and resources is allowed.

Once completed, the projects were reviewed by the Blue Iron Yard Brain Trust for functionality and creativity. The builders of the top three projects were then interviewed by the Blue Iron Yard Brain Trust, answered questions about their code, and spoke to their process. Then, at long last, a final winner was named and is currently basking in the glow of her brilliant code, and a three-month paying gig here at Blue Ion.

Meet Ansley Jones, Blue Ion’s first Locked & Coded scholar/employee/rockstar.

“Participating in the Locked & Coded project was an awesome experience to say the least. Building the Powell Peralta site was my first taste of what it would be like to work with professional designers in creating a compelling user experience, and it was evidence that this is exactly where I want to be. I couldn’t be happier.”

Neither can we! Stay tuned for more details on Ansley coming soon.