Living at IKEA

Kudos to IKEA for this publicity stunt. For those of you who frequent IKEA stores you may have pondered what life would be like living in one of rooms they set up in store. Maybe not IN the store, but in the style of one of those rooms. But comedian Mark Malkoff asked IKEA if he could live in a room in a store for a week (while his real apartment was being fumigated). They said yes and for the past week he’s called the Paramus, NJ store home. A comfortable living space, if you’re ok with customers walking through your bedroom all day, fake appliances, using the store’s public restrooms, fluorescent lights 21 hours a day, and eating meatballs for breakfast in the store cafe while other customers stare at you in your bathrobe.

Great effort by IKEA…and Mark. More at his website