Learning From The Comfort Of Your Couch

Here at Blue Ion we’re big fans of staying curious, sharpening our skills (and learning new ones), and teaching those skills to others. In fact, “committed to teaching” is one of the four core tenants of our marketing philosophy. 

Also here at Blue Ion we’re all working fully remote and living that self-isolation lifestyle. We’ve been collecting a list of resources to help us sharpen our skills while in quarantine and wanted to share them. Most of these are free or running free access campaigns for the time being. So here is the Big Blue Ion List of Learning Resources.

Master Your Tools

Supercharge Your Marketing

Learn to Code

Become a Robot Wrangler

Like College, But On The Internet

Suddenly a Homeschool Teacher? These Might Help

Mental & Physical Health

Finally, check your local library website. You may have free access to sites like Lynda.com, language learning services, and other learning resources via your membership. 

Know of more great learning resources? Let us know in the comments!