Last Day Thoughts

The last morning of SXSW Internet fantasy camp…it’s back to reality this afternoon. As I reflect on the experience and what we’ve seen, two things have become very clear.

First and foremost, the game is changing. Moving from building things for people to visit to creating experiences that follow users wherever they go. There are sooo many digital channels today (websites, microsites, search, mobile applications, social media/networks, rich media, email, blogs, etc.) and new devices like the iPhone are allowing users to access all the data in more delightful ways. The challenge and opportunity is to create multiple/mini brand experiences that weave into and around peoples lives. For a great example, look at the brilliant Nike+ effort. It’s not just a campaign or a website…it’s a branded application that has changed the face of running by harnessing the power of music, exercise and community around a user’s life. It looks cool, and works great. It’s about runners and their lives.

Second, it’s clear that my airport card sucks…or that there’s something very wrong with it. One of the best things about this conference is the people/crowd watching (those observations in a separate post to come). I haven’t been to a conference before where EVERY attendee in EVERY session has their laptop on their lap….typing, tweeting, messaging away. At times I’ve just had to pretend, given my constantly weak signal. Time to breakdown and get a new rig.