[ TC ] Killing Two Birds with One stone

It’s the Wild West[1], where ANYTHING goes!
It’s not safe for human NOR animal!

Start with the rash of Somali Pirates. Continuing to commandeer vessels on the high seas. Holding Seamen for ransom. And in some cases killing their captives[2].

And recently, the eye-opening film[3], The Cove, we have blood-thirsty Japanese fishermen killing dolphins for profit. Heartless, ruthless fishermen.

Independently, these two issues continue. But, Theodore tries to think outside the box.

We move the dolphins into Somali waters.
Japanese fishermen come for the dolphins.
The two of them have no choice but to engage and exterminate each other.

Problem Solved[4].

[1] ‘Wild West’ is one one of my favorite sayings for referencing a lack of order.
[2] I haven’t really fact-checked this. For all I know, they haven’t killed anyone yet.
[3] I actually haven’t seen it yet… it’s a “long wait” in my netflix queue.
[4] I suppose I should get a Nobel Peace Prize for this, right?