Irritating Foul

Saw this campaign a week ago and immediately liked it. The ads all incorporate some annoying noise that is preventing a good nights sleep and the chicken always ends up the source. I initially thought it was an ad for late-night chicken sandwiches at Burger King, as it felt like a CP+B effort. Turns out it’s for Ambien, a sleep aide.

Not sure who produced it, but I really like the notion of just giving a URL to learn more. It’s different than those insurance commercials that ask “what’s next” and provide a link because I typically don’t care what’s next… the accident happened; police arrive; a check gets cut; the end. Now, throw in a rooster, keep the commercial vague but intriguing and run it frequently and you’ve struck gold (or at least got me to visit the site and blog about it).

Check this link for my personal favorite video of the rooster playing a drum set.