iPhone Usage

Today M:Metrics released some interesting results from their January 2008 survey of iPhone users. Turns out that this newfangled gadget may have some potential as a “real” (i.e., not a Blackberry) mobile web device.

Here are some top line results:

84.8% access news and info (vs. 13.% of overall mobile phone market).
58.6% access search engines (vs. 6.1%).
30.09% watch mobile TV and/or video (vs. 4.6%).
20.9% watch on demand video or TV (vs. 1.4%).
49.7% access social networking sites or blogs (vs. 4.2%).
74.1% listen to music on it (vs. 6.7%).

YouTube and Google Maps are also quite popular with users like Karl Rove….30.4% are accessing YouTube videos and 36% are finding places using Google Maps.