Introducing The Outdoor Revival

We love the outdoors. And maybe like you, we’ve been a more than a bit confused about what you can or can’t do outdoors during this pandemic and quarantine. It’s hard to find or make sense of the information about what’s allowed, what’s responsible, where to go, how to act when you go, etc.

Most experts agree that moments outside, in nature, are more important than ever. Whether that’s opening a window and taking in all the sounds (you can hear things today in cities that are normally drowned out by background noise), observing the plants and animals in your own backyard (the iNaturalist and iBird apps are great for identification), or making a trip to a local or regional park. But how best to go about it?

A mutual client and friend connected us to some other outdoor industry professionals who were asking the same questions, and wanted to create a podcast and website to help address the issue. We jumped on board to help and the result is a new program called The Outdoor Revival.

It has one clear goal in mind – to help anyone and everyone who loves the outdoors better understand how they can safely and responsibly recreate during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each week a new podcast episode is launched on the website (which feeds to all the main podcast players – Apple, Stitcher, Google, Spotify, etc.). The episodes feature three hosts, our friends Brad, Denis and Peter, and 2 or 3 guests. Typically, one guest will be an industry leader or expert of some sort (from an outdoor association or government entity) and another an active outdoor person, athlete or “celebrity.”  Early guests have included Steven Rinella (of the MeatEater fame), Frank Peterson (head of Take Me Fishing), Ted Nugent (no intro needed) and Lise Aangeenbrug (head of the Outdoor Industry Association).  The website also includes some tools and links to find out where you can recreate across the country.

It’s been fun working with the team to launch this new show and website in just 2 weeks, and we’ll continue to sharpen things as we roll along. We’re obviously not doctors, scientists, legislators, law enforcement or members of any government agency. Everyone must follow their local, state or federal laws and regulations. Our intent is to help inform and maybe entertain, so visit the website and tune in or subscribe to the podcast, and maybe you’ll find added perspective and information you need to help you get out there safely and responsibly.