Internet Annoyances

There’s been a couple things annoying me recently on the internet, and I thought I’d take the time to pass along some tricks that I’ve learned and others have shared to help restore my sanity.

YouTube Annotations
These absolutely drive me up the wall. All I wanted to do was watch a music video. Why on earth would I want to watch ANOTHER VIDEO from the same uploader 15 seconds in? No, I don’t want to subscribe to you right now. Maybe, at the very end, after I’ve finished watching, I’ll consider it. Until then, let me be.

You can turn these things off by clicking the right-corner of the player window and moving up 2 spaces to the little red box with the flap on it. So easy. So intuitive. It only took me half a year to figure it out.

Facebook Apps
One of the great things about Facebook is it’s clean interface and the ability to see at a glance what your friends are up to. But, let’s be honest. Facebook is your public representation of yourself. Your best foot forward. People don’t want to know that you really just spent an hour in Walmart shopping for new underwear. And they for sure don’t want to know that you spend your time playing an inane game that updates everyone on every little thing you do in said game.


No, I will not help you fertilize your crops! Doesn’t that involve spreading manure? I don’t even really know you that well. Time to crap on the app, kids.


Grand, you sold all of your fish. Put up pictures of you visiting an actual aquarium. Show me the little scuba diver man and draw bridge that opens with bubbles from your home fish tank. Just don’t bombard me and my time with your virtual fish.

Fortunately, you can hit the invisible-until-you-mouse-over-it ‘Hide’ button and restore order to your Facebook feed.

I know there are more out there, but these were the two biggest offenders in keeping me from enjoying my internet experience. Well, those and pop-under ads. But that’s for another post.