InShow 09 et al


Headed up to Columbia on Friday night with Brian, Nicola, and David for the InShow awards. There was a strong showing of creatives, and most especially folks from the Charleston area. Big winners for the night were Stitch and Sideshow Press, and friends Hook and Mad Monkey snagged multiple awards as well. Blue Ion picked up two of our own, for the Hook and Patrick Properties websites. Congrats to all for some really great work.


The evening continued when our good buddy, Mad Monkey genius, and capital city ambassador Ethan Jackson took Brian and me out on the town. I have to say I continue to be impressed with the bar scene in Columbia, though I could do without the last bar we visited – it featured a house band that played so loudly we couldn’t entertain each other with the witty banter that had been a hallmark of the night. So we were forced to communicate via pen and pad. Select pages below.


As Brian and I bid adieu to the midlands the next day, we made a slight detour to visit the UFO Welcome Center in Bowman. This really has to be seen to believed, and I remain shocked that it hasn’t been toppled by a strong breeze in its 15 years of existence. We passed on the $10 entry fee and opted to admire from afar. Ryan actually filmed a segment for the Daily Show where the UFO center was profiled.


Big thanks again to everyone in Columbia for putting on the event and showing the Blue Ion crowd a great time. Hope to return the favor sometime soon.