Your Ideas Aren’t All That Bad

I’m an ideas guy. Each day, I’m adding to the notes in my phone, where they inevitably get buried into oblivion by week’s end. Business ideas, project ideas, creative stuff, nerdy stuff, you name it.

But I’m starting to think I need to take a step back from the pie-in-the-sky ideology when I see hilarious stories such as this one.

This guy – Steve – charged $10 a pop to send a ridiculous (read: terrible) drawing of a cat to his customers. Each sketch personalized just for its recipient, the Internet caught wind and the site took off.

In his recent AMA on Reddit (like an online Q&A), he reveals that the endeavor earned him around $300,000.

Three. Hundred. Thousand. Dollars.

Granted, the influx of orders required him to hire some help and additional overhead, but that’s still a lot of green. Plus, entrepreneurs DREAM about having that “problem.”

IWantToDrawACatForYou.com is going to serve as a reminder to myself that perhaps we just need to keep it simple (stupid). Try out those crazy ideas once in a while.