[ TC ] Hockey Playoffs begin – Mustache Traditions?

It’s that time again…. my favorite time of year… mid-April. The NHL Regular season comes to a close, and final playoff spots are jostled around till they’re set for the “2nd Season.”

It’s probably not news to avid Theodore’s Corner fan followers, but the tradition and superstition for hockey playoffs are: Hockey Beards. Most Hockey players start with a fresh shave at the beginning of the playoffs. Let it grow… and if they make it all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals (2 months worth of playing), they’ve got a massive beard.

hockey beards

There are many discussions on how this came about, but personally I’d say two main reasons:
1) Indicative of the long road that players endure to reach the finals (minimum 16 wins, potential of 28 games total.. in 2 months).
2) Just looks scarier playing against guys with beards as the playoffs move along.

I’ve been involved in my own tradition of the growing of the beard (don’t worry, I won’t rehash my beard shave again TOO much here). But mine is usually in the winter, and gets shaved in the Spring. I find ways of restarting for the hockey playoffs, honoring my team in the playoffs (NJ Devils).

However, a possible new trend may have been started at the College Hockey playoffs this year. At the Frozen Four, someone from the Wisconsin Badgers suggested going with mustaches this year, instead of the old playoff beards.

I don’t know about you, but I kinda like that idea. Will it catch on? Only time will tell if the NHL’ers will be doing the ‘stache during these Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Well, my friends, the playoffs start tonight, and my NJ Devils are taking on the other side of the turnpike…. the always annoying: Philadelphia Flyers. It’s about time to get outta work with Craig (another Devs fan), pick up some beers, food, and perhaps a lipper (?!) and settle in for Game 1.

And since Chris Simpson was unknowingly wearing what amounted to Philly colors today, I decided to rough him up out back of Morrison Drive in “The Cage” and stomp in his head. As you’ll notice, I’ve already got my ‘stache rocking.