Helping clients change, develop, move

Sometimes we’re lucky enough to work alongside our friends on projects, and in those moments, we love the work we’re fortunate enough to do even more.

This time around, we had the opportunity to help my dear friend Tucker Branham and her Mom, the amazing June Bradham, rename, rebrand, and reimagine their company. CDM, short for Change | Develop | Move, is a nonprofit consulting company that empowers nonprofits to communicate, organize, and fund raise better.

Since June Bradham founded CDM, formerly Corporate Developmint, in 1988, she’s been a trusted advisor to more than 200 nonprofits across the country, helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars, ushered in leaders, helped recruit, nurture, and direct boards, and transitioned what was initially a fundraising consultancy into something far more meaningful.

After three decades at the helm, publishing a book, and speaking as an industry thought leader across the U.S. and abroad, June invited Tucker Branham to join forces. While Tucker began working with her mom in 2006, she left for five years to serve at Porter-Gaud, where she created their foundation, served as executive director, and launched a capital campaign.

Tucker rejoined CDM officially in July 2017, which meant that she would not only continue the family business, but also work with one of the most trusted and respected names in the industry – who just happens to be her Mom. Tucker is now Principal of CDM, alongside June, and under her leadership, renamed the company to better represent its energy, and is developing new for-profit world service areas like internal culture and career development.

For me, the idea of a women-owned, family business was already intriguing. Add to that the fact that two dear friends are at the helm, and you could say I was officially psyched. Perhaps the most meaningful part was and is the trust Tucker and June gave so generously. Whether it was including me in an intimate conversation about their plans for the business or encouraging us to “rethink everything” in terms of story, design, and positioning, both Tucker and June were open, honest, and genuinely excited about the process. For us, there’s no greater energy for a project than that.

Our own Nic Lauretano did an amazing job with the design, bringing in vibrant colors and clean type that speak to CDM’s fresh energy and perspective. Ansley Jones whipped up some gradient animation magic for the website, and Rich, Jason, and Brian tag teamed the programming.

CDM cover

I was given the great opportunity to write CDM’s brand story, which is, in essence, the story of a family, a story of passion and persistence and purpose.

Change happens when people see a seemingly insurmountable challenge, a dire problem that needs a solution, senseless suffering that needs relief, and say – we can change this; we can make this better.

That radical belief in our collective power to change – and create the change that drives good – is what inspires the most successful non-profits – and eludes the rest. And in 1987, it’s what inspired our founder to start a non-profit consulting firm from her kitchen table.

It didn’t matter that she was starting a business in a male-dominated industry. It didn’t matter that what she was doing hadn’t been done before. What mattered was her persistent belief that she and her company could empower the people of non-profits to communicate better. Organize better. Fundraise better. Do everything better. So they can create the change that drives good.

That persistence is what gets us up in the morning, what gives us hope for the future, and fuels our passion.

It’s why we listen more than we talk – so we can better understand you, your people, your organization, and your challenges. It’s why we focus on leadership, empowerment, collaboration, and trust – so you can build the kind of loyalty that inspires action. And it’s why we advocate for new ways of thinking, working, and leading – because lasting change always follows growth.

We can’t promise that rolling up your sleeves to do this work with us isn’t challenging. It takes courage and commitment. But we can promise we’ll be with you every step of the way. And when our journey together is complete, we’ll be the change we’ve all been seeking. We’ll be the change that drives good.

A beautiful, persistent good.