Handwritten Notes Are Not Dead

Handwritten notes are the best follow up

We’ve always done the email follow up note after a site launch but there’s just something special about a handwritten note. For one, it takes longer. I can type an email in about 60 seconds. I’m lucky if I get a notecard, envelope, some fun stickers and stamp together in a 60 seconds. WHERE DID YOU PUT ALL THE STICKERS>>!>!???

But that effort is part of the magic contributing towards the novelty of a card vs. an email.

I’ve started to make congratulatory handwritten notes in the last few months to clients when we have launched their website. So much work goes into a site build and I really like to acknowledge the hard work our clients put towards the full process – from providing base content to hardcore proofing – they are right there with us every step. While it is not a steadfast habit yet, I’m working on it.

Handwritten Note Instagram Shout-out

Send handwritten notes sooner than later

Recently, in a large site build with heavy client involvement, our client was responsible for gathering base content or creating it plus editing revised content (after our Copy Director Jenny worked her magic). For our client, the content became difficult to compile from multiple sources, getting inputs became an internal battle….. and it started to feel a bit overwhelming after a full week of STRUGGLEFEST. She was worried about delaying the project…what if we miss our deadline? Who could blame her?

So we “modified” one of our standard notecards (seen at top) to:

  2. Reference WHO RUN THE WORLD (GIRLS) lyrics
  3. Personalize BEYONCÉ song lyrics for the occasion
  4. Remind our client that BEYONCÉ wasn’t built in a day
  5. Let our client know that she is a total #girlboss who can do anything
  6. Our client heard these messages loud and clear and gave us a sweet shout-out on Instagram.

Remember when writing a handwritten note

Whenever possible, add more BEYONCÉ.