GVLtoday Site Launch

We recently launched Greenville Today, our first Greenville based website since moving to town. GVLtoday started as a daily newsletter consisting of all things Greenville as well as some broader topics around the Upstate and South Carolina. As their subscriber base grew, they quickly saw a need for home on the web, which ceased to exist previously.

Luckily for us, our new office is located across the street from the GVLtoday team. Naturally, introductions were quickly made and a website soon followed.

Much of the design was handled internally by their team so we played more of a strategic and programmatic role in the build. In doing so, we developed a suite of tools to meet their needs:

  • The site is built on a “multi-site” platform so that it can easily be replicated for new cities such as Columbia and Charleston.
  • Ability to Feature specific stories on the homepage.
  • Categorization of Trending and Best Ever stories based on number of views.
  • Several custom post types to handle & display content in different ways.
  • Integration with ad serving software.
  • Social sharing tools.
  • Ability to log in and comment via Facebook and / or Google.
  • As well as a couple of other tools that have yet to launch… more to come.

Cheers to the hustle and handwork of both teams throughout this build. More to come with this one!