Guerrilla Cuisine/BI Offices

What is Guerrilla Cuisine? 

To borrow from their website, and using only the bits and pieces of what I’ve been told… It’s an event held every month or or so, with local chefs from restaurants such as McCrady’s, Cypress, Magnolias, Anson.. cooking for a group of people who know no details of the event until the day of. It includes food from local farmers and artists.

The sum of it is this:
If you’re on the list and pay for your ticket ahead of time, you are told on the day of the event where it’s being held, and you show up. It’s at random locations each time, and the food is unknown until you get there. Proceeds benefit different charities each month. 

So… this month they came by the Cigar Factory to see about using our old space upstairs on the 4th Floor. We’ve had a few parties of our own. Although we didn’t attend the event (up until last week, we were not “in the know” about it), we’re happy to see our old Christmas lights left up there were re-used for another party.

Thanks to Austin Nelson of Hoitz & Nielson Event Photography for a couple photo shots from the event.