Grand Theft Auto 4 Packaging

GTA4 Special Edition Packaging

Tuesday marked the launch of Rockstar Games newest release of the Grand Theft Auto series with Grand Theft Auto IV. For those who remember the cult classic birds eye view video game, the series has come a long way. The gameplay and graphics are not the only thing to rant and rave about though. The game packaging itself is something to be desired. For an added $30 dollars, gamers can get the Grand Theft Auto 4 special edition which includes some nice additional swag. The game comes in a metal lock box, a small sized duffel bag good for an over night trip or to carry a few bundles of Benjamin’s from your latest heist, a book filled with concept art and GTA style imagery, and a soundtrack to jam out to on your next mugging. JC in our office won’t be leaving his house for the next 3 months.