Gotta Have SOUL

We worked on a fun hand-lettered logo for a client (who shall remain nameless for reasons explained later). They were looking a logo for a sub-group of their organization targeting young professionals with an interest in “l_ _d   _r_s_r_ _ tion”. (more mystery here).

We wanted it to be:

  • Lively and energetic
  • Youthful and refined
  • Creative and organic

I took a handlettering class at SpaceCraft a few months back so I was all over this project. Our resident illustrator Tyler was just as pumped. Here are my favorite initials sketches (of the 654,899 we did).

soul sketches

Once we narrowed it down to 6, we sent along to get feedback from the client.


With our (collective) favorite 2, we vectorized those, added some color and tweaked some curves. And still no one could pick a favorite. So both versions were presented to the board. [Warning: This story is going to break your heart. Stop reading now for a happy ending.]



They got vetoed and we are starting over.

But hey, we still love them.

And our original logo(s).