Google’s Mail Goggles

A great idea from Google Labs…announced earlier this week. To help prevent you from sending lame, late-night emails after a visit to your local bar, they’ve launched Mail Goggles.

When activated, the program will force you to solve a series of math problems before allowing any message to be sent. You have a limited period of time to solve them. If you can answer the questions, it assumes that you are sober enough to go ahead and send that message to your nemesis, boss and/or ex-lover.

To activate Mail Goggles, just go into your Gmail settings and turn on Mail Goggles in the “Labs” tab. Then adjust how and when it works. Mail Goggles kicks in at the time you specify (default is between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m. on Friday and Saturday)….and there is an option to ramp up the difficulty of the questions in case you’re a mathelete with a drinking problem.

Perhaps later versions will work for blog posts, text messages and tweets.