Google Consumer Surveys for Market Research

Google recently announced the addition of their newest ‘marketing research’ tool – Google Consumer Surveys. These are surveys that any type of business will be able to setup in minutes and then post across the web to an audience of their choice.

Content publishers or site owners will opt into whether or not they want surveys displayed on their site, similar to how AdSense & the AdWords Display Network operates. If a site owner chooses to post third party business surveys, a site visitor will only be granted access to certain content once a survey is completed, which acts as an alternative option to a payment or an account signup. The site owner is then compensated for allowing surveys on their site.

I would imagine that the ‘audiences’ are targeted based on site content or contextually targeted. For example, if you’re a local hair saloon then your survey would appear on fashion, make-up, hair, etc., types of sites. I have yet to set one up, so not exactly sure about the specifics.

Google states that it will cost $0.10 an answer when targeting the general US population and $0.50 per response for custom audiences.