GIANT In Town This Week

Exicting times in CHS this week for those interested in all things design and tech. The first edition GIANT Conference is running from Wednesday through Saturday, and will feature a solid line up of presenters and a big crowd of attendees soaking up the knowledge. Many thanks to Anthony, Joel and Christian for bringing this to CHS….we all owe you a beer.

Speaking of beer, we’re proud to be sponsors of GIANT and as such will look to provide a custom brew with help from our good friends at Palmetto (thanks again guys). I think it will be served at Friday’s conference happy hour (don’t quote me on that). And…Lauren from BI and Chris Winn from Palmetto are going to give a presentation on branding and brewing on Friday at 11:20 at Rue de Jean. After that, I can’t begin to tell you where to focus as the conference line up includes a lot of good talkers and topics.