Getting Wicked Smart In New England

I recently took a trip up North with my boyfriend to visit his hometown of Hampton Beach, New Hampshire and even though I am originally from New York I soon realized that New England is a different beast of a place.

Some life lessons I learned over my trip were that insults really aren’t insults at all; they are forms of endearment.

One must curse every third or forth word.

It could be a 95-degree day but the beach/ocean will never get above 73 degrees (aka pretty freakin cold).

While all New Englanders stick together on most fronts (personality, sports teams, weather, etc), they all still believe their home state is superior. For example people from New Hampshire call their neighbors to the South Massholes, and their neighbors to the North Maine-iacs.

A crockpot of butter is gods gift to the earth (especially when paired with 50 freshly caught lobsters).

After being stuck indoors for 9 months out of the year one should bring their Nordic Track workout machine out to the beach on a hot summers day. You know to see thy neighbor, catch up on the town gossip all while also showcasing that you can lift heavy things and that you take your overall health VERY seriously.

You can only refer to Dunkin Donuts as Dunkkies, and you must get a coffee from there at least two times a day.

All in all the people were wicked, the scenery was beautiful, and the trip was a success.