Game of Thrones Intro

As some are aware, I’ve taken an immense interest in the Game of Thrones series recently. True to form, HBO has delivered with an excellent immersive television show that leaves me wanting to speed time week to week instead of waiting to view the next installment.

There’s a great write-up and interview on Art of the Title that explores the challenges, thinking, and work that went into the opening sequence of each show. For those not familiar, the show has 90 seconds to introduce you to the world of Westeros and the various locations that episode is going to explore. They slightly tweak this for each episode – those with a sharp eye catch changes and details on each viewing. It’s definitely worth a read and viewing.

Art of the Title – Game of Thrones

Finally, at the end of the article the interviewer is asking Creative Director Angus Wall if he feels pressure to produce great work. His answer is fantastic:

“..in terms of pressure, I think you have to tell yourself that you might fail and you might fail publicly. But you can’t be afraid. You can’t be afraid to start over if you have to start over. At the beginning of every job you’re starting over. You’re facing failure every time you go out. But you can’t live in the place where you’re saying, I better not try this because I might fail. Because then you’re not going to succeed either.”