From Ideas To New Beginnings

Looking back at the early plans of a web project can sometimes feel like looking at your own childhood photos. The ones where you’re dressed in Spiderman pjs, thinking that you were going to grow up to be an actual superhero. In adulthood, you realize that things don’t always turn out the way you had planned, but when they do…you do a quiet fist pump and have the license to feel (and act) smug for the rest of the day. And when they don’t, sometimes you still manage to end up in a happier place, and glad that spandex isn’t a part of your daily attire.

Looking back at the process for the La Mundial website, I think it’s awesome that the end product preserved the same elegance and energy that was captured in Laura’s sketchbook:


Of course – because we are living in reality – things did change and evolve during the process. In the final weeks before the launch, we ended up taking a scalpel to the design and left a lot of beautiful but superfluous pixels on the cutting room floor. It was a shame, but we did it to clear the path for the user to get to the meat of the content quicker.

Here is one of the landing pages that didn’t make the cut:


And we’re still not done! In fact, the launch of any site is really just the beginning. Since the launch we’ve already added some more features such as social sharing, and a new way to inspect the fine details of the hand made craftsmanship of each boot. With all the analytics data, user feedback, and new business directions at La Mundial, you can expect more improvements to come.

We’re super excited to be working with such an awesome brand. Learning about the equestrian world, Ecuadorian culture and the boot making process has been a blast!

Visit the La Mundial website