Forty Beads

We launched a site for Forty Beads yesterday.

The Forty Beads method was developed by Carolyn Evans… quite by accident. It’s an innovative approach used to help renovate your relationship and will put you on a path to getting the marriage you’ve always wanted; all with the help of forty little beads…

The website accompanies the book, Forty Beads, that is scheduled to hit stores April 2011 (for those in England, it’s now available for preorder from Waterstone’s). The site also serves as a community for frank, open discussion about love, marriage and life.

We worked with Carolyn’s existing identity (courtesy Angie Hranowsky) to build a site that feels rich, textured and colorful. We gathered inspiration and pulled elements from the deep colors and character of India…. and employed those bold, saturated colors / textures in each section of the site… whilst keeping the overall interface big, open and clean.

Here’s to much continued success, Carolyn. Check out the site here.