Folbot “Will It Fit” Facebook Photo Contest

When Folbot decided that they wanted to run a Facebook contest to promote the launch of their newest folding kayak, the Gremlin, we had a lot of ideas for how they could do it (some better than others). The winning idea that we decided on was “Will It Fit,” where people would upload pictures of things that don’t fit: big things crammed into the trunks of little cars, pictures of impossibly overloaded roof racks, pictures of overflowing closets, pictures of pretty much anything that just won’t fit for a chance to win their newest kayak.

Turns out Facebook has a lot of rules when it comes to running contests on their site. It ended up being a bit more difficult than we originally anticipated. But, on the bright side, we’re now experts at running a Facebook photo contest.

Since Facebook requires that photo contests be run through a separate application on your page, we had to find the right application that would work for our needs. After doing some research, we decided to go with Offerpop. It’s a pretty simple to use platform that looks great and is easy to implement. It requires people to “Like” the fan page before they can enter, which is great for garnering new followers for Folbot on Facebook, allowing us to see just how many new followers we got from this contest. Other contest applications charge extra for this feature.

Here are some early results:

– 2,484 total votes

– 2,504 likes for the Folbot page – up from 928 when we started the contest

And of course, some fun entries like these:

 Helen from Burnaby

Kristen from Guelph

Fritz from Hollywood

Rick from North Bay

There’s still a week to enter, so go submit your entry today!